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Watching movies in by using OpenVPN

After being bored with the usual movies in the TV Channel in Indonesia, I just remember that I have an account on, and want to watch another movies on there again ūüôā
So, after doing some search on the LowEndBox, LowEndTalk and WHT, here is some VPS Provider list in the US which I choose for running an OpenVPN Server :

  • Stylexnetworks
  • ( Unmetered 10mbps )
  • CatalystVPS ( Unmetered 100mbps )

Maounique also giving me a free SSH Tunnel under BudgetVM VPS, thank’s Mao ūüôā
And for setting up the OpenVPN Server, we can use the following tutorials in a vps :

Update, upgrade and installing OpenVPN

Configuring OpenVPN

Enabling Port Forwarding

Setting up the IPTABLES

Saving IPTABLES to file

Restoring IPTABLES at each boot

Insert the following code :

Press Ctrl+O to save the file
Press Ctrl+X to exit from nano editor
Set the file so it can be executed

Configuring OpenVPN Server configuration /etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf

Configuring OpenVPN Client configuration client.ovpn

Adding username and set the password

Copying certificate and needed files

Start your OpenVPN Server

Download all of your files from /etc/openvpn and copy it to your OpenVPN installation in directory “config”.
Now you have your own OpenVPN server ready for watching hulu :). It will ask for your username and password when connecting to the OpenVPN server
If you need the, you can download it here

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