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Our web moved back to QuickWeb

After using Indonesian VPS Provider, Magnet-Id, which was pretty good in access and also little load time for Indonesian user, now, I am going to return my VPS hosting back to the QuickWeb.
My VPS with the Magnet-Id was having the following specifications :

  • Ram 256 Mb
  • Swap 512 Mb
  • Disk Space 10 Gb
  • Bandwidth 976.56 TB
  • Location Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Monthly Fee = $ 20

My  Supa VZ2 by QuickWeb specifications :

  • Ram 1 Gb
  • Burstable 1 Gb
  • Disk Space 40 Gb
  • Bandwidth 400 Gb
  • Location Phoenix, USA
  • Monthly Fee = $ 12.95

Magnet-Id VPS are Xen based. If you are new in the VPS, Xen is better than OpenVZ. But for the Magnet-Id VPS, we should run this command after reinstalling the OS to Debian , because we don’t need to run getty on our server
Disable getty :

# sed -i -e ‘/getty/d’ /etc/inittab

Previously, I am cancelling my Supa VZ2, because it is so slow when we use the WHM/Cpanel. But as my mistake, I am using Port 2086, which should be port 2087. And after sending the cancellation request, mr. Joe Selly try to fixing the problem with my VPS, and send me an email at 3 AM. That’s right, 3 AM, and that’s why I decide to back again to QuickWeb.
Thank you for mr. Joe Selly and his Team. 🙂

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