Google Play Store draining battery and causing high load

My Android were so unresponsive today, and when I needed it in a rush to find a phone contact it just crashed and keep crashing on and on. And my battery were quickly dried.

I decided to uninstall some applications, reboot it, but still having a high load at 20. After uninstalling some applications, I tried to clear cache and dalvik cache, but still hang and having a high load.

Last, I search on Google about android.process.acore and which stay at the top load, and I found a tips to disable the Google Play Store services.

From Play Store, search for Disable Service, an application from Wanqi, install it, and run it. It need a rooted device to work.

  • In the Disable Service, go to System – Google Play Store – uncheck WearChangeListenerDevice and WearSupportService. It’s safe for me to disable this service since I don’t use Wearable Gear.
  • In the Disable Service, go to Google Service Framework – uncheck CheckInService, EventLogService, and GtalkService. I don’t use GTalk, so I disable this to terminate the process.
  • In the Third Party, go to Google Play services, uncheck WearableSyncService, WearableService, WearableLocationService, WearableControlService

I hope this tutorial useful for you.

  1. cumatanya

    makasih banyak udah dijawab. hehe, ini sih cuma iseng2 doang mas, pake punya temen.. ga ngerti gimana cara ngapusnya kok
    Tapi sekarang mau coba untuk belajar buat bikin sendiri yang lebih ke arah torrent. Oke mas, connectindo itu juga lumayan bagus ya? Btw cumatanya ga punya paypal mas, kalau ada saran yang lebih mengerucut tapi dalam kurs rupiah, sangat membantu mas. Makasih

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