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Cancelling my Crissic VPS

A few days ago, I bought a vps from Crissic with a nice specs, 512MB memory, 50GB disk, 2 TB bandiwdth, 2 IPv4 and upto 200 IPv6.
As usual, the vps installed with Debian 6 32bit, and optimized using Minstall. But the optimization make the vps load to 1, and it took a long time. Just the same as Hosthatch vps when I was first time using it, they have a user abusing the node, they said. And a few days later, Hosthatch having problem with the memory and have to replace it.
My first intention for buying a vps from Crissic is only for watching, but after installing OpenVPN, I found that it’s laggy to watch Hulu. The ping respons 315ms from Indonesia, so it’s high enough.
I asked to SkylarM via PM in LET, but get no respond, so I just cancel it yesterday. Well, sorry to do that, I really hate to do cancellation. But for something that is not good enough, and no answer, I’d rather leave. Maybe this is my first and my last joining Crissic.


  1. Jimmy

    I’ve been noticing that too, but I always assumed it was because it was located in the Southern United States, by Florida.
    I mostly kept it around if I ever needed something for South America, but now I realize I have way too many idling VPSes.

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