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Hosthatch vps some review and benchmark

Today I’m posting some review about Hosthatch, which is having a nice server in the Netherlands.
Here is the small vps I brought from the Lowendbox offers :

This offer also comes with free Positive SSL if our domain hosted inside Hosthacth, but currently I don’t need it yet 🙂
Several days after purchasing, September 10, I’m loging into the vps, and start configuring the vps with Minstall 2.5.7. It makes me surprised because at that day, the vps load went to 2. And also the vps sometimes not responsive and disconnected automatically, while I don’t have network problem with another vps from another provider.
I sent a PM from Lowendtalk to Abdullah, asking about the problem, and he replied that someone is abusing the node and also a posibility of bad memory sticks. As for the abuser, it’s been taken care of, and for the memory, it’s been replaced a few days ago.
I wish there will be no more problem with the abuser or the node itself.
For the benchmark, here it goes :

CPU Info

Memory Info


Disk Space

 Download Test

 Ping and Traceroute to Cachefly

 DD Test



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