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The refund from OVH have been completed

Thanks to Paypal and OVH for processing and completing the refund


    • Erawan Arif Nugroho

      Hi, afan 🙂
      It’s for my order of KS 2G. Since they cancel the order, and not able to provide me the service, they don’t have the use of my money, so they have to refund it to me right?
      I’ve sent a Ticket 5 days ago, since they cancel my order, and got no reply. After that, I put a Paypal dispute. One day later ( last night ) they make a respond to my Ticket saying that the refund would take 30 days.
      As it’s a dedicated server, your own server, and not shared with the others, yes, you can use the cpu 24×7. You can also use it for heavy load, for example 10 or 40. It’s all dedicated to you, and your responsibility to maintain the server 🙂

  1. afan

    It is a shame they couldn’t complete your order;
    1. Was is because of your country,
    2. that they have ran out of servers ?
    It’s great to know that 100%, 24/7, is allowed as it makes the ‘atom’ more plausible.
    Great deal at 3 euros.

    • Erawan Arif Nugroho

      It’s because after OVH flooded with the order, they make ad adjustment, so the offer is “exclusive for EU resident/peoply only”
      Now, I’m using the spare money to buy from and

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