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Purchasing a dedicated server from One Provider

Today, I want to try to purchase a dedicated server from One Provider, for another testing purposes.
I already have one dedicated server from FitVPS, which is running smoothly, and also with the superb support.
The reason for the dedicated purchase is so I can separate the bandwidth usage, which is unmetered 100mbps from One Provider, so I don’t disturb the FitVPS network.
My dedicated server from FitVPS were planned for creating, testing an openvz vps with IPv6 only. I’ve sent some details for some of my friend, so they can learn and motivated to learn how to connect and managing an IPv6 only VPS. All of them set to expired for several days started from yesterday.
So, after the OpenVZ VPS inside FitVPS dedicated server expired, I will resintall the dedicated server with Debian 6 32bit, and configure it to move this blog to it. I don’t planning to move from Prometeus, just as always, testing the new stuff to handle this small blog is always fun 🙂
Now, back to the One provider, as stated in their TOS, the Dedicated Server provisioning could take 1-3 business days after the payment, so I will just wait and relax for the delivery now. And also, not to forgot, the refund from OVH 😀

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