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Failed Dedicated Server Offer from OVH

After waiting for 24hours, my dedicated server order from OVH were suddenly changed to cancelled, without any notifications.
In the same time, while ordering the dedicated server from OVH, I remember an offer from rds100 / FitVPS, so I just contact him from LowEndTalk, and he give me the dedicated server within 1 hour. And he’s very nice for allowing me to try the dedicated server for 1 week, and he will refund me if I don’t satisfied.
Now, what’s wrong with OVH?
When I send an email to the, they suggest me to register to the and make order from there. But now, after having my account, paid the invoice, and receiving the email that they are accepting my payment, suddenly my invoice were cancelled.
This the payment receipt email from
Another problem is when and how will they refund me. If this is a kind of trick from OVH, then I will never purchase from them anymore.
Update 31 July 2013, 20:13GMT
This is the answer from OVH about the refund progress… The automation, could take up to 30 days.

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