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Managing Android via Wifi using AirDroid

Several days ago I found an interesting application for managing our Android Phone by using our web browser, which is called AirDroid
After installing it from the Android Market or Google Play, you can connect to your Android by using web browser opening the Android IP address, for example

AirDroid will also generate a random password which you need to enter in the web browser. If you succeeded, you will see a page like bellow :
If you have rooted your Android device, you can also monitor your Android activity from the screenshot menu. It will ask for root permission at the first time you run the screenshot menu, so don’t forget to grant it a permission.
AirDroid ssWe can also open a Message, read it from the web browser, and send a text message from it.  Another function like file explorer, contact manager, photos and music manager can also be explored đŸ™‚
 >> Download from Google Play

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