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Digital Ocean with virtio enabled

Last night I submitted a Ticket to the Digital Ocean asking about virtio, but unfortunately I slept and left the ticket unanswered. Sorry Etel 😀
This morning when I open the Ticket, I give the full Credit Card number, and also my last billing transaction to Etel, and then she charged me $0.25 for verification purpose to the Credit Card and added it to the ballance.
Next, after having the virtio enabled, everytime we want to create a server, the “Enable virtio” button will appear.

CPU info

Download speed after using virtio :


 Disk Space

 IO Test


Traceroute and Ping to cachefly

And this is the OS Template lists :


  1. ianx

    gan mau tanya… kalau beli di digital ocean itu nanti vps nya ada virtualisasi apa yah? openvz? xenhvm ? atau apa? bisa install ulang OS pilih sendiri kapan pun?

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