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How to install Nginx Admin in WHM/Cpanel server

Today, I installed the Nginx Admin in my WHM/Cpanel server. I hope my server load can be lowered by using this 🙂
Before proceeding the installation / uninstallation, please disable your firewall. Just in case for prevention with the downloading purpose.
Here is the tutorials for the installation :

Login to the server using shell / ssh
# cd /usr/local/src
# wget
# tar xf nginxadmin0.3-cache.tar
# cd publicnginx
# ./nginxinstaller install
Restart the Httpd to start the nginx
# /etc/sbin/httpd restart

If you have some problem, and want to uninstall it, you can use the following tutorial :

# cd /usr/local//src
# wget
# tar xf nginxadmin0.3-cache.tar
# cd publicnginx
# ./nginxinstaller uninstall

This tutorial is taken from the official website
Article Source :


  1. LEMPer Stack

    I’ve been using NginxCP for my cPanel hosting few years ago. Thanks for this contribution, it is really helpful for the community.

    But, for now I am using full LNMP/LEMP stack that run Nginx web server without using cPanel.

    For those who want to deploy LNMP/LEMP stack, you can use the auto installer tools.

    I’d like to recommend you using the LEMPer Stack, it is useful for auto-installing LNMP/LEMP stack and at the same time to manage a vps/cloud server for hosting PHP websites without the need for control panel.

    LEMPer Stack

    This tool is free and open source, you can contribute to its development via the Github repo =>

    Looking forward to your feedback/review.


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