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Today's upgrade : WHM/Cpanel version 11.28.86

Today I found that my WHM/CPanel server is upgdared to the new version, 11.28.86. Bellow is the changelog :

Change Log for 11.28.86
Entry: 2011-03-08, 10:00 (UTC)


cPanel X3

  • Fixed case 35328: Update Filezilla auto-configuration for Filezilla version 3
  • Implemented case 46704: Updated filezilla configuration instructions
  • Implemented case 46705: Create a pleasing design for the new FTP configuration instruction page
  • Implemented case 47412: Update Core FTP configuration instructions



  • Implemented case 47727: Improved display of messages in Mail Queue Manager



  • Fixed case 40055: Unset memory limits when installing Plugins
  • Fixed case 46779: race condition when performing ppk conversion
  • Fixed case 47309: Proper handling of interrupted system calls in cpsrvd
  • Fixed case 47603: CVE-2011-1005: Ruby #to_s” Security Bypass Vulnerability
  • Fixed case 47737: CVE-2011-0446, CVE-2011-0447: RoR 2.3.11 Released

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