Iniz LAX1 node down

From my monitoring page, I found that my OpenVZ vps from Iniz in LAX1 node is unreachable, and when I try to connect to it via ssh, yes, it’s unreachable. So I sent Patrick a message from LowEndTalk.

Soon, I found that my vps back online, but the uptime is 3minutes. So that mean that the node is rebooted. It’s so sad, that after 2 months working nicely, it just down, and even now it’s reachable, can be connected via ssh, I just found that anything I type in shell just not working. 🙁

Well, I’ve purchase the vps for 6 months, and I’m glad that I don’t pay it for year. Tonight, if I can connect to it, I just have to move all my data from it and cancell the vps.

I just hate to cancel a service. This month, I already cancelled my LeapSwitch and Peakservers KVM.:(

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