Tutorial installing Icecast2 – Online radio with autodj

This evening, I’m contacted by one of my friend via YahooMessenger because I put a status about searching an Indonesia VPS provider, and from the conversation he teach me to install Icecast in a vps.

The tutorial is based from here, and since this is the first time I’m configuring Icecast, I thought it’s a good way to wrote the tutorial.ย And this is performed in a VPS from ServerHub with the following :

Initial setup for preparing the required package for my Debian 6 VPS :


Configuring Icecast2

Icecast2 configuration is located at /etc/icecast2/icecast.xml, and we need to configure the password in that file


ย Starting Icecast2 after reboot

To make Icecast2 started automatically after reboot, we need to change the Icecast startup file /etc/default/icecast2


Test run the Icecast2

We need to make sure that Icecast can run, to start it, use the following command :

By default, Icecast will run at port 8000, so try to visit your IP:8000 , http://ip.address.of.vps:8000


Creating Playlist and configuring ezstream

We will use an addon named ezstream, and this is the tutorial for installing ezstream :

Saving mp3 files. we can use any folder, but for this tutorial I use /home/mp3

Creating playlists :


Configuring ezstream

By default, we already have ezstream configuration examples located at ย /usr/share/doc/ezstream/examples, so we can copy and configure it :


Set the permisson of ezstream_mp3.xml to 0644 or 0755


Starting ezstream

We need to keep ezstream running while we’re streaming the mp3, so we need to run it in background by using “screen”.

Now we have our Icecast ready, to get the playlist, try to visit http://:ip.address.of.vps:8000/stream.m3u or http://ip.address.of.vps:80000/stream.xspf


    • Erawan Arif Nugroho

      Tinggal diedit file yang ini mas /home/mp3/playlist.txt
      Kalau filenya sama dengan file di komputer, tinggal pakai Winamp lalu buat playlistnya kemudian upload. Atau secara manual diketik di file tadi ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jony Iskandar

      Itu editnya bisa juga via sftp kan mas ?

      Oiya yang dimaksud ini

      Song1.mp3 song1 itu maksudnya nama dari file/lagunya kan mas ?

      Kalau filenya saya ambil dr komputer, lalu saya membuat playlist melalui winamp, lalu saya upload melalui sftp yang ada dibitvise. Apakah kalo saya matikan komputer saya, playlist lagunya bisa tetap jalan mas ? Kan yang saya upload cuma playlistnya aja, bukan file mp3 nya langsung ?

      Maaf kalo pertanyaan saya kurang berbobot mas, baru pertama kali nyoba soalnya. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jony Iskandar

      Maaf mas baru balas, untuk metode autodj yang ada dalam artikel diatas “ezstream” apakah bisa juga dipakai untuk shoutcast?

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