WHMCS Forum Hacked

Another bad news comes from WHMCS Forum, after they being messed up awhile ago. That’s what will happen if someone want to earn much money but only want to spend a penny :p

Testing Whplus.com IIX vps provider

A few days ago, I’m buying another vps from Indonesian Provider / IIX, Whplus.com My last experience with them is nice, so I try to rejoin them again. Bought the OpenVZ with 256MB memory, and installing the wordpress with the vps configured with Minstall 2.5.7. But after completing the wordpress Read more

New YahooMessenger policy update

Many policy update in the free service in the internet this day. Google have disontinued their free GoogleApps, and now comes to Yahoo with YahooMessenger. Yahoo! Messenger Public Chat Rooms The Yahoo! Messenger Public Chat Rooms will close down on December 14, 2012. Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox As of December 14, Read more